Workplace Evolution Podcast #2: Belbin team roles, Boris Johnson, J K Rowling and Gordan Ramsey

In Episode #2 Michael Costello speaks with Jo Keeler from Belbin - the world leading experts on team theory and developing high performing teams.  Jo has 18 years experience of working with Belbin - advising businesses globally on their teamwork challenges. 

The episode explores the story of Belbin and how the world famous "Belbin Team Roles" were created and how you ca create a high performing teams - click here to listen to the podcast.

Want to know more?...The discussion explores individuals from the public eye such as Boris Johnson, Gordon Ramsey and J.K Rowling to identify their Team Role (according to Jo) helping bring the framework to life. Focus is also centred on what key skills leaders need to perfect to develop a high performing team as well as how to drive "Psychological Safety" in teams - a term developed as a result of research by Google ("Project Aristotle"). We also explore the topic of organisational culture and team roles in relation to the NHS as well as the usual listener's questions. You can see a link to the 9 Team Roles that are evident in high performing teams below as well as the resources available. 

Belbin Team Roles: 

Belbin Resources: 

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