Workplace Evolution Episode #10 - The Evolution of "Big Tech" & the Silcon Valley Culture

Welcome to the Workplace Evolution podcast episode #10 with Onica CEO Stephen Garden. A very warm, sandy and sunny welcome to this podcast where we are given an incredible insight in to what is happening right now in the field of big tech in silicon valley and how the sector is shaping our world. Click here for the podcast:
Chartered Business Psychologist Michael Costello discusses with Stephen the following:
  • What is big tech and cloud computing?
  • How big tech is shaping our world
  • The responsibility of the sector to our planet and society
  • US Government influence / the US Election
  • The "Fear of missing out" culture in silicon valley
  • The challenges the secotr faces 
  • Diring a high performing team in the US and being able to "Switch off" in executive roles 
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Michael Costello is the managing director of Workplace Evolution based in Lancaster, UK.