Working out what the family business is worth

Business valuation is a process that determines the economic value of a whole business or company.

Getting a family business valued provides a detailed overview of your present position, and helps you develop a future strategy.

Matters to consider which can impact value:

Family members on payroll

Business owners may employ family members and when it comes to valuation an accountant will consider whether all family members are qualified for their role.

Family perks

Valuation experts will look beyond the relative’s base pay to consider whether the perks they receive are justified commercially for the business.

Dependency on a key person?

Family businesses often have one key person behind them. The impact of this key individual can reflect on the value of the business when it comes to replacing them.

Unsolved family disputes

It is natural for there to be disagreements from time to time, but when these disputes involve the future of the business and strategy, it can become an issue undermining its value.

How do I get my family business valued?

Our Corporate Finance and Forensic teams have the knowledge and expertise required to value your business.

We understand the purpose of valuation; we get to know you and your business; we gather relevant data and analyse financial data; we combine experience and corporate databases; we help you plan for the future.

Our Corporate Finance and Forensic team have been working together for over 25 years providing a wealth of experience valuing family businesses. This is not something we do occasionally, it is something we are experts in.

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