whY-us? now supporting a Lancashire engineering business to grow

Following an initial diagnostic review, 'whY-us?', a sales, marketing and management support company for SMEs, has successfully tendered to develop a leadership, management and marketing support programme for a Lancashire precision engineering business.

whY-us? director Richard Singleton said: "We're looking forward to working with the senior management team where we'll be identifying the business strategy for both the short and long term. We'll also be coaching the business leaders to identify target markets, new and niche products and ensure the business and employees are able to embrace and effect innovative change."

From a marketing perspective, whY-us? will also undertake a research programme to identify the merits of a potential company re-brand. This will then lead onto a new online presence with the creation of a new website, relevant social media platforms, development of a CRM and outreach programme and accompanying branded literature.

Richard added "We work in all industries as we believe the principles of sales, marketing and management are the same. We work with business owners and management teams to identify their target market and create measureable marketing campaigns to deliver results. It is important the company employees buy into the management strategy and this is where our management and employee training programmes come to the fore."