Why is PPE still important in the workplace?

Many of us are still cautious about returning to work and being back in an office environment. Employers have a duty of care to look after their employees and make them feel as safe and comfortable as possible when working.  

Employers should provide appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and training in how to use it to all employees. In order to provide PPE for employees, employers must do more than simply have the equipment on their premises. The employees must have the equipment readily available or at the very least have clear instruction on where they can obtain it. No charge can be made to the worker for the provision of PPE which is used only at work. 

For employees who have returned to the workplace, 42% say they’ve experienced preventive measures that were either ineffective or not enforced, including 2-metre social distancing measures (25%), mask requirements (21%), and handwashing requirements (18%). While many employees are still working from home, a fifth (20%) have returned to the workplace in some capacity, and nearly 2 in 5 (39%) never stopped working on-site.

Make sure your employees feel as safe as possible by investing in a consistent supply of trustworthy PPE and health and safety supplies. 

Even with these concerns, an overwhelming majority of employees (90%) miss the workplace and want to spend at least one day a week in their office (94%). 

Many people have enjoyed the flexibility of working remotely but miss the perks that come with being in an office: interactions with colleagues, small talk at the water cooler, and of course, lunch and snacks. Employees want to return to their workplace – in a fashion. To give them the confidence to return to work, employers will need to prioritise employees’ health and safety.  

You can do this by investing in clear health and safety signage – not only does this inform of any procedures and rules in place, but it also puts staff at ease by showing them you care. 

From floor stickers, A boards and roller banners, you can get your message across in a visually appealing and creative manner. With over 20 years’ experience within the print and creative industry we know how to communicate your message in a way that makes you proud.  

We have helped supply a whole range of PPE equipment and health and safety supplies to a wide variety of UK businesses this year; from hairdressers, manufacturers, estate agents and even catering businesses, we’ve got everything covered.

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