Why a vaccine and Biden's win make it a good time to invest

A West Lancashire based IFA is advising anyone fortunate enough to have “spare cash” following lockdown to consider their investment options.

With the cancellation of holidays and weekend breaks and limited opportunities to dine out or go on a day trip, few of us would willingly choose the extra solvency over freedoms we once took for granted.

But Jon Landy, a director at Acumen Financial Partnership in Burscough believes it could present a unique investment opportunity and said:

"As strange as it may sound, the lockdown may have left those who’ve been fortunate enough to hold onto their jobs, better off than in pre-pandemic times.

"Now that the disappointment of cancelled summer holidays has faded, some people may be wondering how to make investments and potentially turn a negative situation into a positive one.

"For anything longer-term than the immediate next five years, there are plenty of options which include clearing debts, topping up your pension or starting your investment portfolio with one eye firmly on the future.

"It might seem counterintuitive to make investments in uncertain times, but periods of volatility come and go; it’s part and parcel of investing.

"Already, we’ve seen the UK economy rebound dramatically and global markets have responded favourably to the vaccine news and Biden’s win.

"As this strange and often surreal year draws to a close, let’s hope these green shoots of positivity mean we can all be a little bit more optimistic about 2021.”

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