Whitebirk owners seek Supreme Court ruling

The Peel Group, the owners of Whitebirk Retail Park in between Blackburn and Accrington, has lodged an application with the Supreme Court to overturn a decision about the site's use.

The retail park is subject to a 'bulky goods only' order which means only certain items can be sold, imposed by Hundburn Council. Peel has been contesting this and, in December, failed to convince the High Court to overturn the decision.

Peel will now go to the UK's final court of appeal for civil cases in another attempt to remove the rules.

A spokesman said: "Peel Land and Property Investments has applied to the Supreme Court seeking permission to appeal against the decision of the Court of Appeal that restrictions over the types of retailers which can occupy Whitebirk Retail Park will continue to apply when new units are created, as approved by six separate planning permissions.

"While the decision of the Court of Appeal was disappointing, Peel is encouraged by the majority of public comments in response to local press coverage of the decision, which indicate continuing local support for our ideas.

"The company remains fully committed to continuing the substantial investment into Whitebirk Retail Park, which has already commenced with the construction of a new flagship unit for CSL and a new all-directions access junction which has greatly improved the accessibility of the site "Our strategy for Whitebirk is complementary to our long-standing and continued investment into Blackburn town centre, where we also own and operate a retail park with shopping and leisure facilities, including the Ice Arena, all these facilities being close to the town centre's multiplex cinema which we also developed."