When is HR not HR?

When people talk to us about HR they share stories of dismissals and disciplinaries.  They look surprised when we say that’s not really HR - that’s compliance. The law says you must do those things in a certain way.  

Your people are no doubt the biggest cost to your business so it makes sense to ensure you are getting the very best out of them.  It can be hard to know where to start, so here’s a few simple tips:


When you induct an employee, share how they contribute to the organisation’s success so they can see where they fit, give them a buddy and give them regular feedback.


Do a survey, hold a staff day, have a focus meeting.  Benchmark your results and don’t be scared to ask how you can make it a better place to work. You’ll be surprised at some of the simple ideas that will come out that can make massive differences.

Reward and recognition

Don’t assume people want more money as a reward.  Time off, gifts, experiences, even a certificate or thank you can be enough to make your people feel special. Ask individuals what recognition looks like to them. Don’t take a one size fits all approach.

Ask individuals what recognition looks like to them.

Succession planning

Have a career plan for your people, show you want to develop them to get to the next step and link it to any training they may need to get there.   

By implementing these simple yet effective tips you can make your workplace an awesome place to work.

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