What’s your story?

I find it fascinating when people tell me how they got into their line of business. I’ve met business owners who, in the past have been a hippy, a bunny girl, a nurse… or those who were submariners, a saturation diver, a world class climber.

Amanda Jackson TigerfishBy Amanda Jackson, managing director, Tigerfish PR.


I’ve worked with company directors who have taken part in the Mongol rally (10,000 miles in a car less that 1000cc) and those who were accountants straight from school.

And it’s the same with businesses. We all know just how Mr Marks and Mr Spencer had a penny bazaar at Leeds Kirkgate market, or how Richard Branson had his entrepreneurial spark at school.

They make great PR angles and is these human-interest stories that shape our view of companies, and subliminally influence our decision to buy from them.

But it’s the hardest thing in the world to imagine that anyone else would be at all interested in your own story.

A mum at 15 now a successful business woman? A fourth generation family business? We just accept this information in our own background, and take it for granted.

But imagine what a difference it would make if your story was one that people would remember. That would make you different from your competition, whatever line of business you’re in… and people buy from people.

So next time you go networking, don’t forget to ask people about how they started in business, what made them choose the options they did. And let us help you find (and craft) your own story. PR like that might just give you the competitive edge.