What is the true cost of your business protection plan?

Unfortunately, we’re hearing about devastating fires every week in the news. Simply google the term ‘large fire’ and the number of catastrophic fires destroying businesses and homes in the last month alone is alarming.

Trevor Shanley Alert Fire and Security

By Trevor Shanley, managing director, Alert Fire and Security.

From the recent Darwen Waste & Recycling Centre to the Glasgow O2 School of Art destruction, or the closure of Euston Station at the Coffee House Pub and absolute devastation of Grenfell Tower; the personal and commercial loss to all involved cannot be entirely quantified.

Over 400 fire fighters were deployed to tackle these 4 fires alone and the distress caused to all involved lasts a lifetime.

Working in the fire industry can be somewhat baffling at times. It has become more apparent, there is a need to educate business owners, architects and councils where priorities should lie when designing a building fit for purpose.

When talking to decision makers, there seems to be a preference to spend more time and money on eye catching design and internal aesthetics, than practical fire protection, alarm and evacuation procedures that protect it.

Are we guilty of it in the industry ourselves offering ‘chrome style’ fire extinguishers, instead of red, to match the décor?

So, what is the true cost of Fire Protection?

When designing your fire protection system, don’t price the investment on the cost of installation, maintenance and training. True cost should be based on the value of the assets you are protecting against loss. Whether it’s people, stock, infrastructure or equipment; ensure your prevention methods enable best protection and value against the risk of loss and disruption.