What is industrial cleaning?

‘Industrial cleaning’ is the term used to refer to the specialist cleaning services required by industrial operations and facilities, including warehouses, factories, production and manufacturing facilities, storage buildings and power plants. 

As many of these environments are busy and fast-paced, often running a 24-hour operation, maintaining a high standard of site safety and hygiene is absolutely essential to reduce the risk of any hazards and keep both staff and visitors safe. 

In order to provide high-quality industrial cleaning services, specialist cleaning tools and solutions may be required in some instances, and on-the-job training is necessary in most cases. As a result, industrial cleaning is most commonly carried out by a professional commercial cleaning contractor; one with an experienced and highly skilled team at its disposal, which can be flexible in their schedule to accommodate and work around any shift patterns... One such as Cleanbright! 

What is involved in industrial cleaning?

When it comes to providing industrial cleaning services, the main challenge commercial cleaning companies face is the need to deliver an exceptional level of service and maintain high standards of cleanliness whilst making no interruptions to production.  

In order to combat this, industrial clients will often request a flexible cleaning schedule which marries well with the shift patterns of their own staff, whilst ensuring that the gaps between cleans are not too lengthy so as to avoid the workspace becoming cluttered or unclean. 

Some industrial facilities will also require their cleaning team to use specialised equipment and/or chemicals in order to thoroughly clean and sanitise surfaces in their workspaces. This might include the surfaces of heavy-duty machinery, industrial carpets and upholstery, and the sanitisation of the facility’s WCs and/or canteens. 

Health, safety & productivity 

Industrial cleaning is a service performed in high-risk facilities that are responsible for meeting and maintaining their own industry and safety standards in order to stay compliant, and bringing a commercial cleaning company such as Cleanbright on board is an excellent way to see this achieved. From us you can expect excellent results with minimal hassle, as once your site assessment is complete, your cleaning team assembled and the schedule set, we’ll manage everything moving forward. 

Our team recently helped a long-standing Cleanbright client, Precision Polymer Engineering Limited, through the lockdown, and received some very positive feedback as a result: 

“We’ve maintained a great working relationship with the team at Cleanbright for a number of years now, and they’ve always provided an excellent service. In response to the recent pandemic, we increased the number of deep cleans performed daily at our facility, which the Cleanbright team were very quick to accommodate. 

“During the height of the pandemic, we had two unannounced visits from the Health & Safety Executive, and we passed with flying colours on both occasions. This enabled us to stay open and operational during this particularly difficult time, and a huge thanks is extended to the Cleanbright team for the support they’ve provided.” 

Industrial cleaning - How can Cleanbright help? 

With extensive experience in providing high-quality cleaning services to businesses in all sectors, we have a proven record of service excellence in a variety of industrial settings across East Lancashire.

Adaptable in our approach, our cleaning packages are entirely bespoke, compiled following a site visit and detailed site survey to ensure all needs are met, and regular visits from our managerial staff will ensure consistency in results over the long term. 

Ready to improve the safety and hygiene of your workplace? We provide both ad-hoc cleaning services and contract cleaning solutions for workplaces across Lancashire, including warehouses, factories and production facilities, and storage spaces. Get in touch with our team to arrange your free, no-obligation site assessment and personalised quote.