What does Step 4's delay mean for events?

The Fun Experts, a national supplier of fun entertainment hire, have been using their expertise to clarify the situation following Boris Johnson’s recent announcement.

The simple answer for our customers is that, for most, their event plans can continue.

Although Step 4 has been delayed, the country successfully entered Step 3 of the Roadmap back on 17th May, 2021 which allowed for many restrictions to be eased. 

So what does this mean for You, The Fun Experts and delivering events across the country?

Inline with Step 3 of the Government’s Roadmap (in place since 17th May, 2021), Events that are able to commence include:

  1. Where people are likely to congregate in one area for the duration of the event.
  2. People are likely to enter or leave the venue in large numbers at a similar time.

You can find more details in this very useful blog that The Fun Experts wrote, based on detail taken from Gov.UK.

In line with guidance, the following capacity limits are in place:

  1. Indoors - 1,000 people or 50% of a venue's capacity, whichever is lower
  2. Outdoors - 4,000 people or 50% of a site or venue's capacity, whichever is lower

In planning your event, there are a number of things that should be adhered to to show that reasonable steps are being taken to mitigate the risk of transmission. This includes undertaking a relevant Risk Assessment and adhering to legal requirements, ensuring that social contact limits between groups attending your event can be maintained wondering how you can do this, The Fun Experts and Covid Management Services can help you with this (more coming below!)

One thing has been clear throughout the last year - outdoor is best! The fresh air, the space! 

As we enter the summer months, The Fun Experts have been inspiring businesses across the country with plans to add fun to their events. Now we can’t guarantee the fabulous British weather but as the majority of events over this season take place outdoors, we have the guidelines above that allow for events to continue providing certain measures are in place and guidance followed.

“For the last few months, it has been fantastic to deliver fun to our customers, all the while doing our part to follow legislation and the guidelines. Since we reached Step 2 of the Roadmap, we've seen a variety of events been able to take place, even more so when we successfully entered Step 3. While we are all looking forward to Step 4, it’s great to see that so much can be done today in a safe and secure way” Director of Fun, Sunny Sandwell

If you’re planning on holding an event, whether it be to support employee engagement with a team building event; a school or university event to replace perhaps those trips away; The Fun Experts are here to inspire but also support you and your planning and offer you guidance and advice.

Are you excited to start planning an event but feel confused by the changing rules and how to ensure Covid compliance?

Earlier in the year, The Fun Experts launched Covid Management Services - a solution that gives you the confidence to bring people together safely and helps mitigate the risks so you and your guests feel covid secure.

Covid Management Services have been able to support a number of clients over recent months to great success and provide confidence in delivering an event. Working with clients and offering guidance, for example in ensuring appropriate Risk Assessments are in place, and utilising state of the art thermal detection equipment that ensures a fast and effective solution, Covid Management Services has become a solution for current times.

You can contact the Covid Management Services team direct to discuss your event plans and enquire as to what support and guidance can be provided.

Great News…Fun can continue!

The weeks and months ahead don’t only promise sun, but the fun that can come with it…as much as we all need it - now more than ever - The Fun Experts can support you to ensure that this is done in a safe way, following guidelines, ensuring that we mitigate the risk of transmission.

If you have any plans to hold an event but find yourself unsure about what you can do and when you can do, speak to The Fun Experts direct and we will be more than happy to help you