What are HR Consultancy Services and how can they help you as an employer?

HR consultancy services are whatever you need them to be!

HR Consultancy Services offered by Metis HR is the opportunity for you to speak in confidence about your business, your objectives for your business, the challenges you face and the people that you employ to a professional. Effective HR Consultancy Services are all about you, it’s about your best interests and about you being in control.

Your business, just like everything else in life, evolves. As a start up business you have very different challenges to an established business, but you have two things in common if you are an employer, you employ people and you have to respect the laws of the land that affect their employment. Urban myth abounds about what you can and can’t do as an employer. Many employers are rightly anxious about making any changes to the way they employ people in case they unwittingly do something that opens them up to challenge in an employment tribunal. It feels a lonely place for many employers. It doesn’t have to be.

As a business owner you are an expert in your business and your sector. The experience at Metis HR means that our HR Consultancy Services draw on our Consultants’ commercial experiences of many different businesses to give you the best possible support to you, whatever the challenge you’re facing.

The Metis HR Consultancy Services approach puts you at the centre. We talk to you about your business, your history, your current issues, your goals so that we really get to understand your business ensuring that the support and advice we give you about how you manage your employees is the best fit for you.

We won’t give you one solution, we’ll talk you through two or three different approaches to deliver what you need in the timescale you’re facing and we’ll talk to you about the risks involved in the different solutions. We understand that you are a business, you need commercially sound advice and within that you want to appreciate the risks associated with the different approaches available to you and then you want to make the final decision. After all it’s your business.

HR Consultancy Services in our opinion should not be about you being given one solution by somebody outside your business.

At Metis HR we’ll be with you all the way, we act as your own personal HR Director working in your best interests at all time.

Think it’s expensive using professional HR Consultancy Services? With the average payout for a successful unfair dismissal claim being around £ 10 000, and discrimination awards being uncapped, imagine how expensive using an amateur could be for you in terms of your time, money and reputation! Metis HR is based in the North West of England but offers Consultancy Services to clients nationally.