We've gone green with our 2021 site signage catalogue

April 2021 sees the launch of Signs Express Central Lancashire’s new Site Signage & Health and Safety Catalogue. And with the pandemic resulting in an 11% drop in UK emissions, the team have spent the previous two quarters working to provide you with environmentally conscious signage.

This allows Signs Express Central Lancashire to offer an environmental advantage to each and every one of their customers, including construction companies and organisations that are just like yours. 

Last year was a great success, with Signs Express Central Lancashire helping fund 1.09 hectares of new native UK woodland, capturing 410 tonnes of CO2. This year they are looking to go even further to lower their carbon footprint. 

As of today, they will be making the switch to 100% recyclable PVC-free polypropylene board for all temporary construction site signs. The sheets are manufactured using 25% recycled content and have exceptional rigidity. They do not have flutes, so they will not bend or crease in high winds. The 3mm thick sheets are manufactured by a lamination process that brings together the core of the product which consists of bubble shaped polypropylene and two solid surfaces of polypropylene to form a sheet. The cell structure of the bubble allows the sheet to be manufactured at a lower weight than other polypropylene sheets but still retain a strength and rigidity which outperforms its natural competition.

Here are some profound facts about PVC-free polypropylene board:

  • 100% recyclable
  • PVC free
  • Stronger than Correx
  • Cheaper than Foamex
  • Lighter than aluminium composite
  • Great impact resistance like HIPS
  • No bending or creasing in high winds
  • Vibrant prints
  • Contains up to 25% recycled content

For a free sample box or a copy of the catalogue, contact a member of the team. The all-new catalogue is adaptable to any trade and will be provided to your company branding upon request. The team at Signs Express Central Lancashire are fully trained on this material and how it’s utilisation will benefit your business; they will take pride in answering any questions you might have regarding the switch!

The team are excited to demonstrate this innovative solution to their key accounts. Already on board with the scheme are Eric Wright, Carefoot, Rayner Rowen, Conlon and other local trade companies: in an effort to further protect the environment. For a demonstration, get in touch with a team member today to arrange!