Wellbeing at heart of office move for Bespoke

Digital agency Bespoke has moved into new offices at Strawberry Fields Digital Hub, Chorley, citing team wellbeing as central to the decision to complete the relocation.

With the full ateam now returned to the offices based on a hybrid model, the agency has also been able to recommence its face-to-face digital strategy workshops, which had been running online since the start of the pandemic.

Bespoke CEO Steve Brennan said: “Back in February 2020, we were all cued up to move from our old head office in Bamber Bridge to the new offices in Strawberry Fields. But then Covid arrived.

“A few weeks before the official first lockdown was announced, we made the decision to hold the move and transfer the entire company into working from home. Like many people, we were actually pleased, and admittedly a little surprised, at how well that transition went. As early as April, we were proudly announcing our first significant project completed entirely over Zoom.

“As the months went on though, feedback from the team about the realities of working from home went through something of a curve.

“At first there was a distinct sense of, ‘why haven’t we done this before?’ But after a while, the general consensus was we were starting to miss some elements of the office. Over time, there was majority agreement, across the team and clients, that for collaborative working, the office provides that extra level of solidity and stability that helps underpin, and even enhance, creative processes.

“Also, for many the office can actually provide a haven, where work is the sole focus and where there is a fixed cut off at the end of the day, which actually improves overall work-life balance.

“After deciding to move back to the office on a hybrid model, we’ve ensured the new office is built to function in a post-Covid environment, with desk and working spaces compartmentalised and everyone having the right level of individual space.

“Thinking beyond Covid though, we’ve taken a real blank canvas approach to looking at how the office is set up, with wellbeing at the heart of our thinking. The aim is to ensure that the office is, in fact, an attractive place to come; somewhere that our team will want to work, because of the working advantages it provides and by simply being a nice place to be.

“Moving forwards, we see the office now as somewhere newly vibrant and rich with new opportunities and increased productivity benefits, where work is a happy place to be, which I think bodes well for the future.”

Established over 20 years and employing 15 staff in both Lancashire and London, Bespoke is a lead generation specialist agency. As well as designing and building websites, the agency also delivers strategy workshops to help inhouse marketing managers achieve the best results from digital strategies.

For more information, go to https://bespokedigital.agency/.