Welcome to the new Wild West

The IT sector is undergoing an unprecedented period of rapid change and advancement. Which may sound positive, but this is equally true for the darker forces too.

And despite this ongoing evolution, would you believe that the OSI Model, the underpinning principle for how all networks communicate, has not changed in 41 years?

The nature of learning from previous generations means that what once took 15 years to learn can now be understood in a matter of months. Threat actors are getting smarter all the time, while IT budgets are getting smaller.

These days social media, brand awareness, online marketing, SEO, lead generation and content creation are all thrown under the same blanket “IT” budget, meaning security is ever more squeezed.

And the IT companies themselves often don’t help. Many spend all their time chasing big contracts from big organisations, leaving the largest market of them all – the SMEs – often underserved.

There are almost six million SMEs in the UK, each with its own specific and unique challenges with regards to IT, with a criminal element that views them (and you) as easy pickings. That’s how we came to live in the new “wild west”.

Threat actors are getting smarter all the time, while IT budgets are getting smaller.

For your peace of mind, we have produced a ten-point plan that will help protect your business without breaking the bank. You can download it, for free, from: bit.ly/sundown10

For a little more assurance, we are offering a free external security assessment. All you need to do is email us with the subject line LBV FREE SEC TEST to Support@Sundownsolutions.net and one of our operatives will arrange it.

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