Welcome to episode #9 "Lessons from a CEO" Marty Moore

Welcome to the Workplace Evolution podcast episode #9 with Marty Moore Former CS Energy CEO & Presenter on the "No Bullsh*t Leadership Podcast".

Marty has a vast amount of experience as CEO and turned CS Energy from earnings of $18m to $441m. This podcast explores his route to becoming a CEO and many of the challenges that come with the territory.

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Chartered Business Psychologist Michael Costello discusses with Marty the following:

  • His Journey & Career - as well as the stigma of dropping out of Univeristy
  • What is "Bullsh*t Leadership" and does Marty do it himself?
  • The importance of not believing your own hype and how to interpret business performance
  • Challeng under-performance and driving a new workplace culture
  • Being as CEO rather than liked
  • Social Media and the need to be liked
  • Dealing with an ineffective board
  • Integrating Vision Mission & Values in the workforce
  • Marty's next chapter

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