Weekday weddings could be a match made in heaven for some businesses

We live in a 24/7 world now where technology means we can do almost anything at any time. With more and more people working in leisure, retail and the service industries, the Monday to Friday working week is being increasingly eroded.

WeddingsWhilst some will mourn its passing, for others the demise in this standard working pattern could represent a whole host of opportunities.

Take weddings, for example. If your business is linked to the marriage industry, then you’re probably used to fighting off customers who require your services on a Saturday, whilst spending the rest of week wishing you had more to do. At the same time, many couples are finding that their favourite wedding venues are booked up on Saturdays for the next two years, along with many of their other preferred wedding suppliers.

Despite all this, weekday weddings are still frowned upon by many; they’re considered a cheaper option, for couples needing to trim their budgets, or as inconvenient for guests who may have difficulty taking time off work. Surely, for the reasons already mentioned and many more besides, it’s time to alter those perceptions.

The fact is there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting value for money. If a couple can book their favourite venue on a date in six months’ time instead of eighteen months, and it will cost them a fraction of the price, does it really matter if it’s a Wednesday or a Thursday?  For some guests, booking the time off may be tricky, but for those who cover the weekends in A&E or their local health club, a midweek invitation will make a very welcome change.

At Brian David Films, we’re more than happy to offer a reduction in our wedding videography packages for weddings that take place on Monday to Thursday. Weddings represent a significant chunk of our work, so it makes sound business sense to incentivise customers to use our services on days when we are more likely to be available.

The same can surely be said for photographers, florists, confectionery carts, wedding cars, hair stylists, make-up artists and dress and suit hire businesses. By offering reduced rates for weekday bookings, they may encourage more couples to use their services at traditionally quieter times. An increase in weekday bookings will almost certainly mean an increase in business. This is because, for every couple who chooses a weekday wedding, there will be plenty more to take up the Saturday spot they’ve left available. Saturday wedding bookings will keep on coming around, as if on an endless conveyor belt.  Supplement these with additional weekday business, and you could be looking at happy ever after.