Website clinic: Use analytics for greater returns

I have tried to add up how much additional revenue analytics has unlocked for our clients. The total is more than £1m and quite possibly we are looking at an eight-figure sum.

BespokeBy Steve Brennan, managing director, Bespoke | Web Specialists

In case you don’t know, analytics is software that helps identify patterns in how people find and navigate around your website.

By using analytics you might learn that 27 per cent of your visitors are using iPads and that those web users are twice as likely to leave your website quicker than everyone else. Or you might learn that of the people who try to make enquiries through your website, only 50 per cent are succeeding because of difficulties with your enquiry form.

Google Analytics is by far the most popular free analytics software, but it’s possible to take things further using other tools.

Heat mapping software, for example, shows where the mouse has been most frequently on each page of your website - and it shows which bits people don’t click. Such insights are vital to maximise income from a website.

My experience is that most lead generation or e-commerce websites are operating well below 50 per cent of their potential in terms of results.

It’s not enough just to have analytics installed, you need skill and experience to make sense of the data and set the right actions in order to improve results. But the beauty of this data-driven approach is that it informs both your search optimisation work and your ongoing web page improvements.

I’m always surprised at how eager people are to invest in new websites without having an understanding of how potential customers use the existing site. Using analytics will not only help you to engage with potential customers but they will also tell you what they search for and how they use your website. Once you have that information, it’s relatively easy to unlock much greater returns online.