Webbox gains share of cat treat market

Blackburn-based Webbox is now the second favourite cat treat brand in the UK, according to new figures.

Cats Delight Sticks GroupEstablished in the 1980s, Webbox is one of the fastest-growing UK pet food brands, and in the last 12 months has seen sales and volume growth that has given it a share of almost 11% of the booming cat treats market, putting it ahead of Nestlé Purina.

Two of its products are in the top ten selling cat treats list: Lick-e-lix and Tasty Cats Delight Sticks, which are now the fourth best-selling cat treat, increasing their market share by 3.4% in the last year.

Tony Raeburn, chief executive at Webbox explains: “Our strategy was first and foremost to focus on the palatability of cat treats over the last few years, which is evident in the popularity of these products. However, health benefits have become increasingly important to cat owners and we have responded to this very effectively with award-winning product innovation.”

Market research indicates that half of all pet owners actually select treats with added health benefits and the company has focused on researching specific requirements of consumers, delivering bespoke solutions in its treat range.

Tony concludes: “Webbox is trusted by pet owners and loved by pets, and this increasing market share, which sees Mars as the only brand ahead of us, proves that.

“The cat treats arena grew over 12 per cent last year, so is a key focus for us. We have some very exciting new products to launch in the next few months as we strive to gain market share from the leading brand and own label.” The Webbox cat treats range includes Tasty Cats Delight Sticks, Lick-e-Lix, Cats Delight Mini Mix Sticks and Cats Delight Tasty Tid Bits.