Wayne Hemingway: Could coronavirus end 'greed is good' culture?

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We trust you are all at home safe and healthy right now as you join us in what are difficult times for all of us with the corona virus sweeping through Europe and beyond. This actual podcast was intended to explore the Good Business Festival in Liverpool, coming up in October, lead by the great Wayne Hemingway MBE, which it did, but with uncanny timing as the country comes together and businesses potentially re-evaluate their purpose and societal obligations.

This podcast with Wayne really does drive home the fact that being No #1 in the sector right now is not a priority – people are frightened about their health, their loved ones and their income. History will judge many businesses on how they have acted and whose interests they have in mind. Wayne was born in Morecambe a stones from away from where I am based in Lancaster and has been very much a local hero to many here in the community. He is  one of Britains most acclaimed designers who built the globally celebrated Red or Dead label through not just innovation but applying the values he learnt from is community.

He has also been an integral part of the re-development and renaissance of seaside towns across the UK - such as Morecambe which we also discuss – and now wants businesses to re-evaluate their contribution to society and the environment. So, how will business behave post the Corona virus?...and has Corona brought about the end of the “Greed is Good Culture” that many of s grew up with in the 1980s? Perhaps this podcast will tell us more…

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