Wash Studio delivers campaign for Hyundai

Hyundai has called on Preston-based Wash Studio for the launch of its new N range, with the agency using innovative CGI to promote the high-performance car.

Wash Studios Hyundai ad


Successfully winning a four-way pitch, as the lead agency for the project, Wash devised and delivered the ‘Turning Petrol Heads’ concept, based on four characters, each with their own personality.

Using CGI to bring the characters to life, they are designed to capture attention and engage the UK’s car enthusiast audience with the manufacturer’s new i30 N hot hatch.

Andy Walmsley, Wash Studio’s owner and creative director, said: “As a team, we are delighted with the result. The essence of the N brand is all about fun and we believe we have delivered a unique campaign that reflects this, whilst creating a sense of intrigue and excitement.

“With our specific UK audience in mind, we’re confident that these characters will engage the petrol-head community that would have traditionally dismissed the idea of considering a Hyundai hot hatch. Using physical expressions of how minds can be changed and attention grabbed by this new appearance, the campaign will undoubtedly turn heads."

The TVC showcases i30 N’s performance and handling characteristics on UK roads, it features three characters who are all ‘petrol heads’ in both the literal and metaphorical form. These passionate individuals replicate the debate that’s currently happening amongst the community of UK car enthusiasts, designed to be a physical expression of how heads are being turned, perceptions changed and attention grabbed by the new i30 N.

Each have their own distinct personality and life-like characteristics; there’s the Evangelist who’s animated, excited and heated; the investigator who’s always asking questions and answering back; and the cynic who isn’t interested in engaging with the conversation as his mind is already made up.

Innovative use of CGI was used to bring the petrol head characters to life with the use of a new render engine, Corona Renderer. Whilst mostly used in architectural visualisation, its speed and efficiency at producing photo-real metals and plastics meant that it was ideal for the project.

Hyundai are amongst the first to use this technology for visual effects and in commercial advertising. The campaign will run through a broad media selection – to include TV, print, cinema and innovative Out of Home formats - and will feature within a UK consumer track day experiential programme.