Volkswagen Van Centre Lancashire welcomes Neil Johnson as workshop controller

Volkswagen Van Centre Lancashire has welcomed workshop controller Neil Johnson to the team.

Having worked in the automotive industry for well over 10 years, Neil has a wealth of experience and knowledge. Before moving to Swansway, Neil most recently worked as an extended warranty auditor.

While Neil enjoyed this role, it often meant he was away from home for days at a time, something that he did not enjoy.

Looking for something a little closer to home with more sociable hours, Neil came across the role of workshop controller and knew it was right for him.

Neil said: “It’s important to strike a good work-life balance, moving to Swansway has really allowed me to do that.”

Neil has settled into his new role well: “You’re like part of the furniture before you know it, it’s great!”

Swansway Motor Group are glad to hear that Neil feels so welcome, and they are pleased to have him as part of the team.