Vital marketing truths

As a specialist marketing and web design consultancy, we spend a lot of time helping our clients grow their businesses. Here’s a few insights our existing clients have found useful:

1. Your idea is worthless
When you keep your ideas secret to protect them, you hurt your chances of connecting with people who can help you make them a reality. Whatever your idea is, it’s probably already been thought of. Anyone can steal your idea, but they can’t steal your passion or execution.

2. Make your offering a better deal without lowering prices
Adding a deluxe version of your offering can increase sales of the original. Faced with one choice, people can’t judge the value of something. By offering a higher priced alternative, the original now seems like a better deal. The more similar this deluxe version is, the more powerful the effect will be.

3. Address your real competition
Your competition is no longer just the other offerings in your category. Your real competition is the extreme clutter of the marketplace. The number of products, services, features and advertising messages that we are all subjected to is growing rapidly. Ironically, most companies react by adding more clutter. You must find or create your own ‘white space’ to stand out.

4. The age of creativity
Having low prices or outstanding service is no longer enough to beat the competition. Creativity is your only sustainable competitive advantage. The ability to improvise, solve old problems in new ways, and adapt faster than everyone else is vital when change is the only constant.

Andy Chemney
Managing director
Ignition CBS