Viddyoze targets £25m sales

Preston based video animation specialist Viddyoze is targeting annual revenues of £25m after rapid early growth, including securing a string of high profile clients.

Viddyoze’s technology allows people to create and use their own video animation. It has been designed to make widely available video content which was previously only accessible to companies with big budgets.

A soft launch in September 2015 began with 30 templates which were typically 6 to 30 seconds long and allowed customers to embed their logo and message into the animation in three clicks. The idea generated almost £400,000 revenue in its first four days.

By the time they launched Viddyoze 2.0 they had 200 templates and generated half a million pounds in sales in four days. Because the company had used US affiliate marketers to drive interest, 85 per cent of their sales came from America.

Early this year the trio launched a second business called Klippyo, which allows customers to string together shorter clips into one complete video. When Klippyo launched it generated sales of £450,000 in four days with follow-on revenues of £45,000 a month.

The firm now has 75,000 customers, including the likes of Tesla, Sony and PwC. It is predicting revenue will reach $12.9m (£10m) this year and $32m (£25m) by 2022.

Viddyoze now offers more than 1,500 templates and employs 27 people all round the world. To date all their growth has been self-funded.

Video isn’t the next big thing, it is the thing.

The company was founded in 2015 by David Chamberlain, who began his career as a trainee accountant with Moore & Smalley, Jamie Garside and Joey Xoto. 

David said: "Video isn’t the next big thing, it is the thing. We wanted to make it simple and cheaper. We wanted to open up the opportunity for smaller companies to use video marketing.

“The problem we saw was that the videos were kept for the businesses that had the budget for them. If you use Adobe you pay for it and you have to understand how to do it because it’s quite a technical thing. We wanted to simplify the whole process and that’s where the idea for Viddyoze came from."

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