VEKA plc: Eyes firmly on the future

As a leading supplier of uPVC profiles in the UK, it’s in our DNA to remain ahead of the curve.

Even after five decades, we’re still striving for new and improved ways of designing and manufacturing systems used to fabricate windows, doors and conservatories.

High-quality, industry-leading products are only part of the VEKA story though.

Home may be where our impressive Burnley site sits, covering over 400,000 square feet and spanning two postcodes, but our heart is, without doubt, the people who work there.

From warehouse operators to delivery drivers, administrative staff to our technical team, it’s the talent, drive, and vision of our 350-strong workforce that truly sets us apart.

It’s the reason why the current skills shortage within our industry is a matter of such great importance, and a topic we can’t shy away from.

Historical low levels of unemployment have been met head on by the continued fallout from the pandemic, exacerbated further by a lack of international labour in the wake of Brexit; all striking at a time when our order books are overflowing.

Forming a proactive, long-term solution to the skills crisis is crucial to the future of our industry, and apprenticeships will play a key role within this strategy.

VEKA has a proud history of supporting apprentices. We started our first apprenticeship scheme in 1994, and now take apprentices within a wide range of business functions including IT, HR and purchasing as well as our more traditional engineering teams.

Structured training and a commitment to career progression are what makes this route such an attractive proposition.

Working alongside Themis at Burnley College we currently have four engineering apprentices. In 2022, we’re planning to expand the programme significantly with a new intake of 10 apprentices into wider areas of the business.

Designed in conjunction with the college, this will help us continue developing highly skilled staff in order to meet the challenges of an ever-evolving industry.

We believe investing in the next generation is an investment in the future, which is why apprenticeships are a huge part of our people strategy and will always be a big part of our future.

Case Study: Supported all the way

“I’d recommend VEKA to anyone with a thirst for knowledge who wants to
further their career.”

Maintenance engineer Scott Bentley started his VEKA journey as an apprentice in 2014. Within three years he had become a fully-fledged engineer, but the learning didn’t stop there.

VEKA has since supported Scott through numerous qualifications, and job-specific training courses, as he continues his progress.