Using video effectively

  • Marketeers using video grow revenue 49% faster
  • Marketers using video receive 41% more web traffic
  • 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI
These are impressive statistics but it’s not just having ‘a video’ that creates these results. You need to ensure you tick three vital boxes to ensure your video project delivers what the statistics show:
  • Have a clearly defined message within the video, tailored to a specific audience. Don’t try and do a catch-all; the more relevant you are to your audience, the greater likelihood you’ll convert these viewers into customers.
  • Have an appropriate creative treatment to your content. If you’re launching a video to get that £100k contract, don’t get someone in the office to do it on their phone. It won’t work commercially and your business could look second rate. Equally, if you’re looking to do video blogs from the heart to show how much you care about what you’re personally doing in a business, content that feels homegrown can reinforce that message.
  • Have a clearly defined audience that you want to see your content. You can then ensure you reach the right viewers using the ‘targeted marketing’ tools within the hosting sites and social platforms.
Get these three things right and video will work for you.

If you would like to know more about how video can help your company grow, give us a call or pop in and see us.