Understanding your customer: how digital transformation evolves customer relationships

Digital transformation not only represents an opportunity to improve internal processes, it also presents an opportunity to better connect with your customers.

We discuss how digital transformation evolves customer relationships, explaining how embracing it can help your business to better understand them.

Recognise their behaviour

Understanding your customer goes beyond knowing likes and dislikes. It’s about comprehending patterns in their habits and behaviour. Where educated guesswork once sufficed, specifics about customer behaviour can now be analysed, enabling businesses to identify and rectify shortcomings.

Taking your business online opens the door to in depth consumer analysis. Tools like Google Analytics allow you to see the behaviour flow of customers across your business’ website. It enables companies to identify where people are exiting their site; if people are dropping out of your booking system, why and where?

If they’re leaving to visit a certain page, is it possible to include some of that page’s content in the booking system? Such understanding enables you to make simple amendments, limiting lost opportunities and keeping your customer on their journey to purchase.

Supplementary analytical tools, like HotJar, help you to visualise their behaviour. Build heatmaps of onsite interaction, track customer journeys, even implement exit surveys. In doing so, you can better understand customer behaviour to tailor your online presence and intuitively address their needs.

Know the individual

According to research conducted by Accenture, 75% of customers are more likely to buy from a business able to make recommendations based on their purchase history and acknowledge them by name.

Despite this, too many businesses lack the resource to monitor individual customer behaviour. Customer relationship management (CRM) systems enable you to provide an increasingly personal service. They allow you to record every interaction a customer has with your business, and the more they interact, the clearer their identity becomes.

Similarly, ecommerce, course management and booking systems give your business access to information about individual consumers. As businesses and customers become increasingly connected, ability to gain valuable insight from big data grows.

So, whether information has been gathered through website cookies, loyalty cards or abandoned online shopping trollies, you can begin to get a better understanding of when, where and what to market to your customers. This refines upselling and reselling ability while streamlining marketing resources.

Consumers are increasingly accustomed to an elevated level of service. As such, the gap between businesses who embrace digital transformation and those who don’t grows larger as services become more tailored and personal. Don’t allow your business to fall behind.

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