Understanding what it takes to grow a business

By Aidan Watt, technical director, Hotfoot Design.

Aidan Watt Hotfoot

Over the last 12 years we have helped countless businesses in the region and beyond launch new products and services.

We have had a ringside seat as entrepreneurs map out their vision and explore new opportunities.

It has been a privilege to witness - and to be a part of - new and existing businesses as they grow.

Up until recently our role was to provide strategic advice and offer services such as brand identity development, web design, social media marketing and PR.

But around two years ago we decided to do something quite different at Hotfoot and launch a product of our own.

It is a gift voucher platform called Regalo and we created it to help hospitality and leisure businesses generate more direct revenue.

It has been an incredible journey as we have taken an idea on a beer mat through to a fully functioning product.

And it has been fantastic to see pubs, hotels and breweries throughout the country adopt Regalo. But more than that, it has helped us to really relate to our clients when they approach us with ambitions to grow their business - because now we really understand what it takes.