UK's second largest PHP conference announced by Magma Digital

Preston-based Magma Digital Ltd has announced the arrival of the PHPNW14 Conference for the 3rd – 5th October at the Manchester Conference Centre.

The event launches on the Friday with an optional tutorial day and the conference will take place over the rest of the weekend.

The conference marks one of the highlights of the technical events calendar in the North West. The programming language, PHP, is in use on over 80% of all web sites  and is the third most popular web programming language overall.

The PHPNW user-group and conference was founded in 2008 as a not-for-profit enterprise by Jeremy Coates, managing director of Magma Digital.

The user-group meets monthly while the conference occurs annually. His ambition was to create a support network in the North West run by the PHP community.

The conference is the largest PHP conference in the UK outside of London and this will be the seventh year it has been running, with six successful sold-out events under the Conference team's belt.

The event is organised and sponsored by Magma Digital and benefits from additional help from community members and volunteers over the course of the Conference weekend.

In addition to attracting a large pool of delegates from the North West and the rest of the UK, PHPNW attracts many international visitors from approximately 20 countries worldwide. With over 400 delegates in total in attendance the Conference represents a unique opportunity to target high-calibre PHP developers.

Jeremy Coates, PHPNW Conference founder, said: “I set up the conference with the desire to improve PHP skills in the North and provide further opportunities for learning and collaboration. Magma Digital are very proud of the fact that the months of hard work put into organising the Conference every year are paying off, with PHPNW now helping fly the flag for the North West in the international conference scene.” Sponsors are already getting on board for this year's conference, showing that PHPNW has earned itself a strong reputation as a must-attend event in the Northern technical conference scene. In 2013 40% of tickets were sold before the schedule had even been released. Tickets are now on sale on the PHPNW14 website and the call for papers has opened too.