UK Ro-Ro Freight Ferries add to Growth

The UK economy has recovered since the recession hit in 2007. And small and medium businesses, such as the SME couriers and freight hauliers moving goods on a daily basis, are directly affecting this growth.

Freightlink Solutions recently produced an infographic that demonstrates that importance the Ro-Ro freight ferry industry is having on the UK’s economy.

As a Lancashire-based business it is seeing at first-hand the way the export market is moving.

What’s causing this upward curve? UK manufacturing and construction sectors were significant performers in Q1 2014. Productivity grew by 1.3%; their strongest quarter since 2010.

These figures come from the ONS (Office of National Statistics). But are they accurate? How can these sectors indicate growth when the service sector is static and agriculture is down?

In 2012 there were 6.8 Million Ro-Ro freight units passing through major UK ports including Dover, Liverpool and Belfast – that’s 7% higher than the previous year. Of these goods vehicles, 2 million were self-driven while 600,000 were unaccompanied trailers.

The ONS reports the economy grew 0.8% during Q1 2014. There is now consistent growth for 5 quarters since 2007. At Freightlink, we see freight shipping orders coming into our contact centre and via our web bookings daily, so have a first-hand account of levels of freight transport to and from the UK. Other sectors such as agriculture and services are having less of an impact on the Ro-Ro freight ferry industry.

The Important of the Freight Industry

As a Freight industry based business, perfectly situated in the heart of the county at Preston by the motorway interchange of the M6, M65, and M61, we see the levels of SME couriers moving and shipping freight via this region of the UK. The manufacturing and construction sectors are inextricably linked to the freight ferry transporting industry – which are the sectors seeing the most growth.

While the UK is seeing an increase in exports, at the same time the wider UK business community needs to push forward, think strategically on modernisation and recruitment, and not become too dependent on the Ro-Ro freight industry – demonstrated by information available in an infographic Freightlink recently published that shows the important of the freight Ro-Ro industry to the UK’s economics. See the infographic: Infographic: How dependant is the UK economy on freight ferries?.