Twitter tips: Work/life balance

We asked our Twitter followers for their advice on #worklifebalance.

Zoe Oakley @CrispWhiteSheet:

Make time for family and friends. Don’t take your work issues home. Step away from your desk sometimes and get some fresh air.

Steph Bridgeman @Reputationx3:

Separate home and work phone lines if you work from home!

Claire Fryer @CFryer82:

Enjoy your work. Set collaborative team goals and be transparent with your team. Don’t forget the simple things in life.

Lily Jones @Lilyjones2012:

Write a to-do list every night and stick to it. Get a cleaner. Leave work on time at least twice a week. I struggle with the third.

Richard Gurney @Tembo11RG:

Not doing long-distance work commutes by any modes currently available helps.

Michelle Barratt @B4Promotional:

To get true balance you have to know what you want but appreciate what you already have.

Andy Schofield @LatitudeStudios: 2 Macs, home and work, with files linked on Cloud. Allows for occasional early finishes and late night catch-ups.

Speakman Contractors @Speakmans: Work to live, don’t live to work.  At times you need to work harder but it makes the living even better! Mad Science @MadScienceNW: Don’t Tweet about work after 10pm?