Twentyone transforms DH Stainless’ site

Twentyone has been hired by steel piping and tubular products company DH Stainless to take them from stale and static to responsive and really rather marvellous.

Even though the previous DH Stainless website was functional and serviceable, there was no real style to speak of. It wasn’t easy for visitors to discover and explore product information either, as there was a distinct lack of clean and coherent navigation.

On top of that, if traffic was coming from smartphones or tablets, users had to pinch and scroll in order to find what they were looking for, leading to a high bounce rate as visitors got bored and continued their search elsewhere. The website’s unresponsiveness and poor user experience were top priority for DH Stainless.

It was time to get rid of the uninspiring and awkward old site in favour of something interactive and engaging.

There’s now a much more informative and helpful navigation bar at top of the desktop homepage, which places products into their respective categories. Before, it was extremely difficult to even find out whether DH Stainless supplied these goods, but now any visitor can pinpoint exactly what they want.

But it wasn’t just functionality that needed addressing, as the whole user experience required an overhaul. Therefore, Twentyone added a big and bold slider banner on the desktop version as well as a slide-out navigation panel to the mobile site too.

Each product category now has different colours for greater distinction, while more images provides a better insight into the company’s capabilities.

Prospective customers and clients has been encouraged to get involved as well. Social media buttons enable visitors to connect with DH Stainless or share product information with followers and friends, while a mailing list sign-up form is simple and to the point.

Twentyone’s creative director, Steven Taylor, said: "It was clear from the outset that DH Stainless had a wide range of quality products that customers can benefit from. However, visitors to the old site struggled to find out about these goods and services. We set about creating a much more user-friendly site that gives DH Stainless the visibility and exposure it deserves.

“While the desktop site is now much more effective and useable, we’re particularly pleased with the mobile browsing experience, which is straightforward yet stylish. “Creating technical specification tables for hundreds of products was one of the biggest challenges, but we recognised how important this was to DH Stainless and strived to create a tailor-made solution. Overall, we are really happy with the end product, as the brief to create a more responsive and user-friendly website has been achieved.”