Turning data into information

The decisions taken in your business will make or break your performance and your relationship with your customers or clients. Your competitors will also be striving to make good decisions that will keep them ahead in the marketplace. If you are using systems and applications to manage business processes you will not be short of data. Hilton Productivity Services can help you extract and organise data. We have experience of analysing data, turning it into useful business information and helping business owners to make better decisions.

Ask yourself when was the last time you audited spreadsheets to check that there were no errors in formulas or look ups, when was the last time that data sources have been validated and have all your excel users had the right level of training? If you have any doubts that you are using data effectively contact us now and we can provide a business review to put your data in order and provide you with the right platform for making great decisions.

Your first visit from a data analysis expert is free. We will spend up to half a day at your site to discuss your issues with data and develop a plan. If you like the plan and are interested in developing your data management processes we have a number of payment options, depending on the service requirements. For more information email us at enquiries@hiltonproductivityservices.co.uk.

Hilton Productivity Services works with any size of business in any sector. Our larger clients include JD Sports and Lakeland and we also work with SMEs including Stephensons catering supplies. Every business faces the challenge of turning data into information.