Turning customers into champions

Mark HopeIt is commonly understood in the business world that it is far cheaper to keep a customer than it is to go out and win a new one.

We also know that when you put a measure against a task, it is far more likely to get gone.

So surely it follows that the best thing to measure is the retention of your existing customers.

But if customer satisfaction is the gauge, how can it be measured?

You can find it out by asking your customers two simple questions:
• Would you buy from us again?
• Would you recommend us to people you know?

Looking at the answers to these questions allows you to rate your customers and put them into four categories:
• Rebels
• Captives
• Moral supporters
• and the very best: Champions

Champions are the customers you have who always buy from you and actively promote your business.

Everyone knows and trusts Sage Accounts Software to measure your sales, stock, cash flow, profit and so on, but it’s also possible to use Sage solutions to log your customer’s service issues, to measure the number of problems they are having and to send out surveys to them asking their opinions on your levels of service. Only then can you turn customers into champions.

At StoneHouse Logic we are passionate about taking care of our customers and our growth in recent years is testament to its effectiveness.

In order to achieve Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status, Microsoft surveys our customers annually, and of the 126 customers surveyed, 100% were rated as champions.

Not only does that give us reason to be immensely proud of what we do, but it’s a smart and effective way to run a successful business

Mark Hope, director, StoneHouse Logic.