Turbocharge and de-risk your IT investment

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With the right advice and guidance, formed from hard-earned experience delivering IT business improvement projects over the years, it is possible to both de-risk and increase the ROI for an IT investment by avoiding the six most common mistakes made by small and large firms alike when implementing IT projects.

By Andrew Dewhurst, managing director, Affilius.

Leadership and management commitment

If your business leaders are not committed to an IT project (which should be delivering to the bottom line) and if there is a lack of leadership, then don’t expect a strong result for your teams.

Clear ROI and business objectives

Make sure you agree and document from the outset how you will judge the project a success, what benefits need to be realised and how the IT investment will contribute to the profitability of the business

Employee engagement

If you don’t involve the staff of the business in deciding a business solution choice (which will affect the way they do their job day to day) then don’t expect too much enthusiasm to make it work. Just saying!

Data quality and data migration

A wise man once said ‘Rubbish in, rubbish out’ – or words to that effect!. Get your data house in order before implementing any new IT software solution.

Contract responsibilities

You need one supplier to take responsibility for integrating any and all your IT systems and solutions, particularly if they involve integration between solutions. A clear Service Level Agreement will save much heartache down the line.

Business process analysis and reengineering

When looking at business software solutions, you really need to know what your ideal processes look like and what changes this will mean to jobs and roles. Better get them right upfront than be trying to change a software build mid-project.