Transition from employee to business owner

We face transition through each stage of our lives. We go from high school to college, from our first job to a higher position or even a business owner. Coping with these changes effectively can make the difference between success and failure. Taking the leap from employee to a business owner is a huge step because setting up a new business is a challenging process. There are several risks involved including financial, job security and the possibility of failure. Here at Kings, we discuss some steps on how to make the smooth transition from employee to business owner.

Plan Your Move

It is essential that you understand the market sector you are targeting, research your potential customer base, the product/service and the competition you face. You will need to produce a comprehensive business plan that maps the objectives and the strategies you will undertake to meet your end goal. Writing a business plan will also help you spot any issues and iron out any problems that may arise with your current model.

Time to Take the Risk

Taking risks is part of the transition process but the rewards running a successful business are worth it. If you have done your research and believe in what you’re offering to customers, then take the risk. The opportunity is there to work as hard as you want and make as much profit as possible. It is a risk, but the chances are much greater for you to succeed. All successful businesses take risks.

Adapt and Learn

Becoming the owner of a business doesn’t mean you know everything. Transition mistakes will happen to all new owners. The only true mistake, however, is not learning from your actions. You will make mistakes unless you sidestep every issue and never make decisions. Of course, your business would not be successful if you did that. You need not be perfect but must admit your mistakes. When an obstacle gets in your way, think of it as a challenge and identify people and resources that can help you. If you adapt and learn, then you will be successful.

Build Your Network

A strong network can help your business in all kinds of ways. Your network should include experts who can offer valuable advice. These could be consultants, investors or people within your sector. These relationships can lead to long-term clients and a steady inflow of strong referrals. You can network with others online through forums and social media channels and face-to-face networking at industry events. Always keep an eye out for new networking opportunities. You need a professional image which carries over to acting professional in all situations where you are representing your business because first impressions count.

Set an Example

The final step when making the transition is to be approachable and set a professional example to all your colleagues. As a business owner, you are the face of the company and you have the duty to become a positive role model to your employees, as your behaviour, attitude, image and performance set an example they will want to emulate in their lives.

If you are ready to take the leap and are looking to acquire your first business, contact our expert team on 01772 775 775 who will hold your hand and take you to the entire process.