Toys from Blackburn Audi arrive with Secret Santa Blackburn

Family-owned Blackburn Audi has once again shown their support to families in Blackburn with donations of gifts and toys for underprivileged children this Christmas. Operating as the “Swansway Santa Patrol”, gifts have been delivered to Secret Santa, also based in Blackburn. This is part of Swansway Group's contribution to ensuring that every local child has a gift to open on Christmas Day.

Phil Boulding, managing director of Secret Santa, said: “We were just blown away when the Swansway Group’s boxes landed in the middle of the afternoon ! As we unpacked them we couldn’t believe our eyes, the amazing colourful books, games, toys, stocking fillers etc just kept on coming out of the 4 x large cardboard boxes. It really made our week seeing all this kindness outpouring in these gifts that will find their way into the children’s sacks this Christmas day morning.”

Phil added: “The goal for Xmas 2021 is sadly 1,000 sacks of seven presents. We call them our Santa’s sacks of joy as they really make a huge difference to these very vulnerable children. Without what we do, these children really would get next to nothing at all. These families struggle to put food on the table never mind be in a position to buy Christmas presents."

If anyone would like to help Secret Santa CIC financially to help close the gap between what they have and what the need. You can contribute ANY amount here: