Top tips for trading with Poland

When doing business in Poland, Fiona Castela of Enterprise Europe Network recommends that exporters follow some important rules.

Fiona CastelaUse titles – Poland has a very formal business set-up, so become familiar with Polish titles, and always remember to state your own.

Introductions – When entering a room in Poland and there are people present that you don’t know, wait for a third person to initiate introductions. The standard greeting in Poland is a firm handshake.

Business cards – the exchange of business cards should be done at the start of any initial meeting. Be sure to hand over your card first.

Settling deals – business negotiations in Poland are slower paced and more thoughtful than in the UK. Remember, periods of quiet consideration are essential to decision making, so don’t try to fill the silence with unnecessary small talk. Build relationships – establishing individual relationships is essential for building business in Poland. Your Polish partner will always consider you a friend first and a business partner second.

Poland at a glance

  • In 2012, Poland was fastest growing of the EU states.
  • The country’s population is 40 million, and its 16.8 million workforce is the largest in Eastern Europe.
  • Main industries include automotive, electronics, chemicals, metals, shipbuilding and agriculture.