Top tips for increasing productivity

By Tracey Murphy, managing director, HR Savvy

Tracey Murphy HR SavvyHR Savvy advises over 100 businesses from across Lancashire every month. Here are some tips to help businesses to get more value from their employees.

1. Vision and Purpose

Work with your management team to define and articulate your Company Vision in a simple way that will be understood by every person in your business. It should tell you why your company exists, the problems it solves and where you are going,

2. Values

Once your Vision is created its time to define your Values. Get your employees and customers involved. Develop three Values with examples that describe how each one is demonstrated.

3. Strategy

You have your Values and a clear Vision but how are you going to get there? It's time to create a one-year strategy and another that looks at the longer term, three or five years. Take your management team off-site somewhere where you will be undisturbed for at least 1 full day to design your strategic plans.

4. HR Strategy

Your Vision, Purpose and Values shape your HR processes and systems. The Strategy is built with HR input so they can support delivery.

Build your recruitment process around attracting talent that aligns with your Values. Develop your Performance Management system to reward delivery of objectives that contribute to the Strategy and behaviour that is in line with your Values.

5. Engage

Now you have your Vision, Purpose, Values and Strategy, it's time for the business leader to share this with everyone. When you align your employees to a common purpose and strategy, you will all be moving in the same direction and your productivity and profits will soar.