Top marks from BRC for Fagan & Whalley's AA-Grade warehouse

At Fagan & Whalley, we’re committed to our customers, and the various quality accreditations we’ve worked hard to acquire over the years are a key part of that commitment, demonstrating that our teams work to the highest standards, and providing our customers with the peace of mind that their goods will remain part of a carefully moderated end-to-end process.  

As well as our BSI 9001 accreditation and our Soil Association Organic stamp of approval, we’re extremely proud of the recognition we’ve received from the British Retail Consortium, who set the standards globally for the production, storage, and distribution of food products.  

Following a recent audit at our warehousing facilities at Burnley Bridge, we were delighted to once again receive the globally recognised BRC Storage & Distribution certification, achieving an AA standard - the highest grade possible to receive for an announced audit. 

“What the BRC standard offers is a guarantee that the quality and integrity of the product will remain unaffected in the storage and distribution process, ultimately ensuring the safety of the food product for the end customer,” explains F&W Compliance Manager, Martyn Richardson. “It’s a mark of assurance within the industry that recognises the hard work of the staff here at Fagan & Whalley in following the BRC’s strict quality guidelines at every stage, whilst continuing to maintain the highest possible standards and avoid any contamination between food products. 

“Having retained our BRC accreditation with this recent audit, we can continue to offer reassurance to our clients that we maintain complete control over the products within our storage and distribution circuit. Once a product enters the F&W network, every batch is entirely traceable, which enables us to keep our clients up to date with their stock and distribution figures, and act quickly in the case of a product recall. 

“When we first received our BRC accreditation a number of years ago, it was a mark of quality which enabled us to build on the warehousing side of the business and approach new customers who required a high level of control and reliability. Years later, we’re proud to have achieved AA standard - proof that our standards have never slipped.” 

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