Top marketing tips for success

Telling people about your business is just as important as making your product, selling your service or doing your accounts. I’d like to provide a few marketing tips to get you thinking about how you approach your marketing activity.

Get a Plan: How you plan your marketing activity plays an important part in the overall success of your business. Without a plan you will find it difficult to create a consistent message in the market and your communications will suffer. No doubt you all have a business plan, but do you have a marketing plan to support it?

Size Doesn’t Matter: When marketing your business, are you confident that you are making the greatest impact? Good marketing isn’t about the size of your budget it’s about how you allocate it. If you understand your target market you can focus on the marketing tools which will help to increase your lead to sale conversion rate.

Measure It: As a business owner time is a precious resource. By putting in place measures to evaluate your marketing activity, you can identify the tools which are delivering a ROI. This is where your focus needs to be. It is better doing a few things well than many things badly!

Get Personal: Advancements in technology and the popularity of Social Media have paved the way for businesses to reach a wider audience. But don’t forget that ‘People Deal with People’. Social Media can provide short-term support, but personal interaction builds relationships which last a lifetime.

Jean Atkinson
Eden Marketing