Top 10 dangerous driving habits

Over 50 per cent of drivers on the road are taking unacceptable risks with those under 34 years old the biggest culprits.

Marc KeyFleetBy Marc McLoughlin, managing director, KeyFleet.

Personally I would have thought texts would be a higher per centage.

A survey conducted on behalf of Halifax Can Insurance showed that 34 per cent of drivers eat and drank whilst at the wheel, 19% took a hands-free phone call and 15 per cent have driven whilst heavily fatigued.

Worse still 13 per cent admitted to sending a text whilst at the wheel and 12 cent said they checked a smartphone map on the move. 1% even confessed to driving without insurance or a valid MOT certificate.

The figures also reveal that risky behaviour is considerably more likely with younger drivers, as 25 per cent of 18-24-year-olds admitted texting on the move while just 5 per cent of over 55s doing the same. A quarter of 25-34-year-olds have checked a smartphone map on the move compared to 3 per cent of over 55s.

Halifax Car Insurance is urging motorists to minimise distractions behind the wheel which could lead to accidents or criminal convictions.

Jeremy Ward, head of motor for Halifax Insurance said: "It is tempting in this digital age to respond immediately to incoming texts and calls, and apps designed to help motorists can lead to risky behaviour if not used sensibly. We'd urge motorists not to eat and drink while on the move, let voicemail pick up calls as much as possible, and if you really must answer an urgent call, make sure you are hands free, and pull over if it is safe to do so." Top 10 risks drivers admit to while driving:
  1. Eating/drinking- 34%
  2. Making a hands-free call - 19%
  3. Driving while tired - 15%
  4. Sending texts - 13%
  5. Checking map app - 12%
  6. Checking Facebook - 8%
  7. Driving after alcohol - 6%
  8. Phone call using handset - 7%
  9. Check work emails - 5%
  10. Sending Tweets - 3%
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