TNP joins Crown Commercial Service Network Services framework

Network solutions provider, The Networking People (TNP), is set to grow significantly following the news it has been awarded a place on the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Network Services framework agreement (RM1045).

tnpWith public sector telecommunications direct spend estimated to be over £1.5bn per annum and the framework agreement forecasted to account for £318m over the next four financial years, the new agreement will have a substantial impact on the development opportunities for UK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) working within the industry.

Demonstrating this, of the successful bidders for inclusion within the framework, one in three is a small or medium sized business, significantly opening up competition in the supply and delivery of networks to the public sector.

Following the launch of the agreement, TNP is already discussing new contracts with a number of local authorities and plans to increase staff numbers by 20 to 30 per cent to facilitate further growth.

On TNP’s inclusion within the framework, Chris Wade, commercial director at Lancaster-based TNP, said: “We’re delighted to have been awarded a place on the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Network Services framework agreement (RM1045) to supply network connectivity and local connectivity to the public sector.

“As an SME, we feel we are a classic case of why the readjustment of framework agreements will benefit not only the government and tax payers by reducing costs, but also the economy, as SMEs are given access to a platform which will allow them to compete alongside the large organisations which, until now, have dominated the marketplace.

“SMEs deliver much greater flexibility, which we know is sorely needed in the public sector. Through our placement on the framework, the public sector will be able to directly gain value from our experience in designing, building and supporting public sector networks that reduce operating cost and leverage existing investment with the option of using alternative technologies.”

Of the ten technology lots covered by the framework, TNP has qualified for the supply of the two lots applicable to its service offering: Lot 1 Data Access Services and Lot 2 Local Connectivity Services. In addition, TNP is one of a limited number of companies to be listed within Agency Services. CCS’s aggregated commercial solutions provide significant savings for the taxpayer, helping to protect the delivery of frontline services. The CCS has claimed that the introduction of the new framework will deliver savings of approximately 16 per cent – at least £59m over four years.