TISS presented with Queen’s Award

TISS, the Blackpool-based fuel security and safety business, was yesterday presented the Queen’s Award for International Trade at The Park House Hotel in Blackpool.

TISS Queens Award

Lord Shuttleworth, Lord Lieutenant of Lancashire, was on hand at the special event to present the prestigious award.

Speaking at the ceremony, managing director Ryan Wholey, said: “We are absolutely flattered and appreciative of the effort that has been made to share in this momentous occasion with us.

“It is indeed one of the greatest days in TISS’ history and our gratitude extends far and wide. It is a celebration for all of those involved with TISS both past and present.”

Lord Shuttleworth also gave a speech: “I really want to congratulate you on your outstanding performance in growing the company’s overseas earnings by over 400 per cent in the last three years,” he said.

“That is a truly remarkable performance and it makes everyone here in Lancashire very proud of your success.

“Queen’s awards are to the company, not to the directors or shareholders, but to the entire team, so each and every person is a winner. You can each individually take great pride in that.

“I want to wish the company continuing success and prosperity ion the years ahead.”

The mayor of Blackpool, Cllr Val Haynes, added: “Here in Blackpool we have a lot of problems with unemployment and with building the economy, but companies like TISS are exactly what we need.

“We can’t thank you enough, not only here in Blackpool, but the fact that you have kept it in Lancashire, and that is very important because the money that goes into Lancashire eventually can come back in to Blackpool. “It means that there is economy growth right across the county.”