Time2 launches Clan smart home range

Blackburn-based technology specialist Time2 has launched Clan, its new range of smart home devices.

Kam Kothia Time2 Clan

Products include security cameras, light bulbs and mains sockets that can be linked up and managed by remote control over the internet, including with spoken commands through Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Kam Kothia, chief executive, said: "With the launch of Clan, Time2 is stepping into an exciting area of home technology that's expected to grow very quickly over the next few years. The 'smart home' is now where the smart phone was perhaps 12 years ago, ready to take off.

"Clan can turn any home into a smart home, where appliances link up and intelligently work together, controlled from anywhere over the internet using a single app, to make the home safer, more secure and more enjoyable.

"And Clan does it in a way that's easy to use and just as easy on the pocket. The 21st century home doesn't have to be complicated or expensive."

The products have been developed by Time2 following a major partnership agreement between Time2 and global tech giant Tuya Smart. Clan is based on Tuya Smart's proven technology already used by hundreds of millions of people across the world.

The first Clan products will focus on home protection and monitoring: small, lightweight but technically advanced remote control cameras, remote control dimmable LED light bulbs and a remote control mains socket.

In early 2019 Time2 will extend the range, adding many more home security devices as well as remote control light switches and a remote control central heating thermostat, with more to follow.

Everything will work together and be controllable from anywhere, at home or far away. Asking Alexa to dim the lights, check the heating or switch on the electric blanket will be a breeze with Alexa and Clan working together.

Kam added: "Our aim is to offer the UK's largest range of life-enhancing, smart home products, easy to set up and use, working seamlessly with each other, compatible with Alexa and Google Home and backed by Time2's unrivalled customer support, based here in Blackburn." The Clan app, Clan at Home, is available now to download for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and the cameras and other devices are offered before launch on pre-order, on the Time2 website.