Time out in Tokyo for dedicated Denwa staff

A trio of Denwa staff has been rewarded with an all-expenses paid trip to Tokyo for the outstanding commitment and dedication they have shown to the company.

Following a year where revenues have increased by 50% and profits have doubled, all staff were given the opportunity to apply for a place on the Tokyo trip as a thank you for their hard work and to see where managing director, Rob Scott gained his inspiration for setting up Denwa, which means telephone in Japanese.

Rob was head of the Inter-tel Technical Team at their Tokyo HQ in 2005 when he developed the idea for Denwa.

Sales manager Chris Porter, telecoms engineer Danny Howarth and service co-ordinator Steph Holroyd were the lucky three chosen to spend five days in Tokyo with Rob.

A packed itinerary was planned for the staff to give them a complete picture of Japan’s extensive history and exciting future. Highlights included visits to Akibara’s ultramodern ‘electric town, Asakusa’s ancient Buddhist temple, Sensō-ji, the Tokyo Skytree, the 2nd tallest tower in the world and Thunder Dolphin, a rollercoaster cutting through a hole in the LaQua building, as well as spending an evening at a sumo wrestling event.

Service co-ordinator Steph Holroyd, said: “I have loved being a part of the team at Denwa since joining a year ago, learning so much and working with a fantastic team. I’m really pleased that what I have contributed to the company has been recognised and Tokyo was amazing. My highlight of the trip was definitely seeing the sumo wrestling, I even got an autograph from one of the sumo wrestlers!”

Sales manager Chris Porter added: “It was fantastic to have our commitment to the company recognised by going to Tokyo. It was something that we really looked forward to in the build up to the trip and something which has inspired all of the team. Trying new foods, especially ramen noodles, was a highlight for me as well as spending time with colleagues somewhere completely different to the office.”

“I hadn’t been back to Tokyo since moving back to the UK in 2005 so it was a fantastic opportunity to see what had changed, especially the developments of the new airport and Skytree,” said Rob Scott.

“The Japanese nation’s love for innovation and forward-thinking technology has always been a huge inspiration for Denwa employees. The five day trip was a fantastic chance for some of our team to experience Japanese culture first hand and celebrate their achievements of the past year. “Incentives like this are available to all of our staff who go the extra mile because we are firm believers in rewarding anyone who goes above and beyond what is expected of them. We are looking forward to giving some of our team a special Christmas present next month when we announce the winners of our next trip to Dubai.”