Tickover takes-off with book signing

The book explores why some businesses just tick-over whilst other go from strength to strength. Caroline has interviewed 30 entrepreneurs, many from Lancashire, and shares their stories, along with key learnings, in 'Tickover or Takeoff - how to build a multimillion pound business’.

Her interest stemmed from the realisation that Sam Walton opened his first Wal-Mart store in the year she was born and it has grown to over $400bn in the space of her lifetime.

She says: "This book is about how local business people, who could be the Sam Walton’s of tomorrow, and their stories of building multi-million pound turnover businesses.

They are no different from you or I – or rather they were no different when they started. It is what they have done on their journeys, and are still doing, that is the exciting bit and what this story is all about."

The book looks at some of the research and theories on success and motivation and combines them with the practical experiences from these ‘Sam Walton’s of tomorrow’.

Lancashire business people who feature in the book include Martin Ainscough of Ainscough Crane Hire, Angela Smith of The Write Angle, Steve Jackson of Recycling Lives, Michael Gibson of Fat Media and Frank McKenna of Downtown Business.

The book also includes questions and practical exercises for the reader to learn more about themselves and what helps or hinders them.

“My goal is help entrepreneurs recognise the huge potential they have if they choose to believe it and take action,“added Caroline.

For more information visit www.tickoverortakeoff.co.uk