Thrive through training

We’ve developed a whole new language, thanks to Covid-19.

‘Lockdown’ used to be that final check before heading on holiday; ‘Social distancing’ seems as familiar as ‘two sugars, please’ and don’t get me started on epidemiology or being asymptomatic. What’s been added to your business’s lexicon of lockdown? I’m sure online, digital, virtual and remote are right up there among the best.

Here at Themis at Burnley College we’re working online, holding virtual meetings, enhancing the region’s digital skills and creating online training sessions.

Everyone’s recognised the need for training/upskilling while working remotely. We’ve had to learn new skills to do business: we’re all now experts on Zoom and Microsoft Teams, can network on our networks and operate enough digital devices simultaneously to launch a space shuttle.

We’ve ticked those boxes … but what about that next level of training? The professional training you need to upskill your workforce to not only adapt to, but thrive in, ‘the new normal’ using transformative tools created by Google and Autodesk; the vital skills and knowledge your business needs to safeguard the workplace of tomorrow and, of course, the additional professional qualifications which will enhance your team’s performance and dynamism

Everyone’s recognised the need for training/upskilling while working remotely.

At Themis we’ve been developing our range of popular online courses to reflect the changing needs of our customers – old and new. Our full list of online training courses targeted at business can be found at – some courses are free, others start from just £10. Take a look as more courses are being added regularly due to demand.

Whatever your sector; whatever your specialism; whatever your training needs, talk to us at Themis – we speak your language.