Those who invest prepare to succeed

While Covid-19 has hit and reshaped companies and industries hard, it’s important that as business leaders we think beyond survival to the opportunities that the crisis will create.  

High on this list is a chance to hire talented people, to ensure we hit the recovery period before our competitors.

At Four, so many of our clients have spent the last three months re-evaluating their business plans and now have a shorter time frame to achieve their goals for the year. They still have recruitment on their agenda as they recognise that they need the best people to assist them.  

I’ve got to be honest and say as a business owner myself that’s exactly what I’ve done. The question I’ve asked a lot of MDs and CEOs is whether they have the right talent in their business to enable them to achieve their objectives and aspirations. If we’ve learnt anything over the past few months, it’s that our people are our biggest asset.

As a leading recruitment firm in Lancashire, we see our role as critical in helping to rebuild our regional economy, supporting businesses to recruit the very best people to enable them to succeed.  

If we’ve learnt anything, it’s that our people are our biggest asset.

The pool of currently available talent is changing, as the government’s furlough scheme comes to an end.  We would strongly recommend that business leaders look to develop their recruitment strategies now, preparing and being first in the queue for the post crisis recovery and growth. 

Organisations that make strategic investments in recruitment as we come out of the coronavirus crisis will be best positioned to gain market share and overtake competitors.